TopToGreen Lawn Aerator Shoes. Patent Pending Lawn Aeration Spike Shoes To Aerate Lawn. Fully Assembled Walking Aerator Lawn Tool, Aerating Lawn Sandals. Plug and Core Soil, Grass and Lawn Tools


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A Lawn Aerator Shoes That Can Aerate Your Lown

Here At TOPTOGREEN, We’re Just Like You. We?ve Put Our Heads Together, Designed, And Tried Our Lawn Aerating Shoes Here In The Usa.
We’ve Tried Most Products On The Market, But You Already Know The Results Are Less Than Satisfactory!
We designed and crafted the most ergonomic model you’ll ever see. TOPTOGREEN’S lawn aerator shoes have a reinforced metal plate to support their high-strength plastic
base and prevent broken spikes. We examined and tested numerous metal buckles and straps, and came up with the toughest ones that do the aerating job right!
They’re fully assembled out of the box and ready to go! Each shoe has thirteen (13) two-inch metal spikes, with a wrench to secure nuts the spikes and a cleaning metal brush.
Before First Time Use:
We Recommend pre-fitting the lawn aerator spike shoes to your gardening boot and adjust straps with the metal buckles before you’re all set.
We have the utmost confidence you’ll like our product; if not, it comes with a 30-day, risk-free money back guarantee!

To achieve the greenest, healthiest lawn on your block. Here’s what to do!

Aerate your lawn.
Water your lawn deeply and less often.
Use natural lawn fertilizers.
?Grass-cycle? your grass clippings.
Cut your grass correctly and to the recommended cutting height.

Frequently Asked Questions
When should I aerate my lawn?
It?s best to aerate your lawn when it is actively

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